GitHub pull requests out of control? Meet your new PR Coach.

Kiro's PR Coach is a GitHub app for individual engineers to help you focus on high priority PRs, eliminate stale PRs and manage your work in progress so you can get software out faster to your customers.

Experiencing these workflow challenges?

Complexities of managing your own pull requests in virtual and distributed setups

Your pull request work-in-progress queue can often pile up and be overwhelming

Your pull requests can become stale or sit in la-la land for longer periods of time

If so, here's your new PR Coach

Make taking action a priority

Sometimes there’s so much stuff to do that it’s often hard to just get started. The PR Coach will recommend a single GitHub pull request to focus on and complete right now, so you can get value out the door without the fluff of a sprint or Kanban board.

Quickly address stale pull requests and teammate comments

You may have a pressing issue or review comment in GitHub, or your first line of code review has been completed. Pop over and quickly work together to get it done.

Easily collab with your teammates using our Kiro nudge templates

Need to hop on a pair programming session? Finished doing your first round of code review? Ping your teammates quickly with our ready-made templates.

Keep your dev environment healthy

Use your personal engineer health checks to make sure things are healthy. And if it does get off track, that will be visible for you in a real-time manner so you can address it.

Completely free. Set up in minutes.


Authenticate with GitHub


Select your repos


Start completing PRs

Get access

Want to customize and build your own Kiro PR Coach?

Join our community of builders and use the existing Kiro health components and building blocks to extend the Kiro PR Coach to the way you want it.