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Aggregate, correlate and analyze data from your entire development supply chain

Kiro's platform automatically captures insights from your entire development environment (for instance, Jira, GitHub, CircleCI, New Relic) to improve your management visibility, team performance and project outcomes. As a result, schedules are more accurate, problems are identified in real-time, and actions can be taken before a project is impacted.

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Built for modern work-from-home engineering teams.

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Increased visibility across teams, projects and outcomes

Increase your visibility, whether you're managing teams within the same time zone or around the world.

Identify problems earlier in the lifecycle

Kiro makes it easy to spot, communicate and take action on any project bottlenecks and hotspots before they result in schedule slippages.

Establish a more data-driven approach to your development

Introduce more metrics throughout your value chain, like pull request lifetime, deploy times, average lines per commit or average bug resolution time.

Benchmarking and best practices

Surface benchmarks and best practices, so that you can help your team increase your success when delivering value to your customers.

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We're on a mission to help engineering teams eliminate project delays and be more responsive to their customers.

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