We're engineers too, with global ambitions

Hey there 👋, we’re the Kiro team. Like you, we’ve gone through the common pains of coding, building and deploying software. Now that we’ve all grown to be much more intimate with these virtual and distributed setups, the pains and complexities will continue to increase. 

We’re a team of engineers and entrepreneurs who built software products for millions of people at companies like SoundCloud and Delivery Hero, and we’re dedicated to building simple solutions for you as an engineer to keep your development environment healthy and thriving alongside the rest of your teammates.

If you’re interested in nerding out on engineering topics, sharing experiences and want to meet the rest of our growing community of like-minded engineers, give us a shout anytime.

Our mission

Help engineers increase the health of their development environments.

Our customer ethos

Help you improve and get better in your craft as an engineer

We’re big Accelerate nerds, and draw much of our product inspiration from their research and best practices. Our goal is to make it easy for you to incorporate them into your workflow.

Foster teamwork with you and your team

No matter where you’re sitting, we want to help you build better software together with your teammates, so that you can be more responsive to your customers.

Create a high quality development environment for you and your team

Building software has its complexities and pressures - we believe in quick and short feedback loops, psychological safety and a culture of continuous improvement.

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