One of the things that starts to break down in work-from-home engineering teams is communication. You have to be more intentional, and overdo it in a lot of cases to make sure everyone on the team is aligned.

To help work-from-home engineering teams improve their communication - especially when planning, estimating and executing their projects - we’ve compiled a list of best practices from the Kiro community around what works well for high-performing engineering teams.

In this first installment, we’re giving you a set of templates for writing great user stories, bug reports and investigation (spike) tickets.

Side note: keep in mind, every team is different (i.e. you may not be working in sprints, not using a ticketing system at all, or not heavily focused on process improvements) so feel free to use what you'd like from these templates. It's more of an inspiration and conversation starter for your teams, to help you to establish better communication and more transparency.

User story template


As a customer, I want to be able to finish my 3-step application on a merchant site, so that the merchant can approve my purchase.


Currently, our users have been struggling to successfully select all their shopping requirements - it’s hard to navigate, the design is outdated and most importantly, we’ve been losing users as a result. We need to completely revamp the onboarding page on our site, so that users can successfully move to the next step and seamlessly get in contact with our shopping experts. In this story, there are two parts that we need to redesign - the shopping details user flow, and the user details section.


1. Shopping details (user flow designs are attached to the story)

2. User details section

Kiro side note: We’ve included two recommended Acceptance Criteria styles below - cucumber and full sentences. Both work really well, so feel free to choose the style that works best for your team.

Acceptance Criteria - Cucumber style

Home page

GIVEN I am a new user

WHEN I land on the homepage

THEN I want to be able to enter my desired shopping details:

Home page error message

GIVEN I am a new user

WHEN I DO NOT fulfill the requirements of the destination input field

THEN I want to receive the following in-line error message:

User details

GIVEN I am a new user

WHEN I finish selecting my shopping details

THEN I want to be able to enter/select my personal details:


User details errors

GIVEN I am a new user

WHEN I DO NOT fulfill any of the requirements of the user detail input fields

THEN I want to receive the following in-line error messages:


Submit button (successful purchase)

GIVEN I am a new user

WHEN I fulfill the shopping requirements

THEN I want to be able to successfully submit my order


Acceptance Criteria - full sentence style

 Home page

Shopping details selection

User details

Bug template


Fix visual bug on the retailer login screen


Currently, there’s a misaligned continue button on the customer login page, where customers will see it visually on a desktop or mobile device. The bug was found on Chrome (version 78.0.3904.97) and on mobile Safari (iOS 13.1).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open up the homepage and click the login button
  2. Click and navigate to the customer login area on either Chrome or Safari (on desktop or mobile)
  3. When you land on the page, you’ll see the bug (visual is attached to the ticket)

Expected result

The customers shouldn’t see a misaligned continue button on any device or browser.

Investigation (spike) template


[Time block] Investigate new Javascript library for faster build time


Currently, we’re experiencing a slow build time with our current set of JS libraries. Given that we need to improve our workflow and efficiency, we found a good recommendation online for a new library:

Goals for this investigation

For this investigation, we’re going to block off half a day to explore Dojo Toolkit, run some experiments, and see if it’s the right fit for our team. If it checks out and it will help us, we can add a new task and integrate it into our workflow during the next sprint. If this takes up to a day, and no results have been found, then we’ll move onto something else.

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